General Contractor

If your plans are ready and you are looking for a contactor capable of seeing the project through to completion, Cogent is an obvious choice. Our experience and expertise ensure that the projects progress efficiently and within budget and schedule constraints, never compromising quality. Cogent works with a vast network of proven and reliable sub-trades, working as a cohesive unit to deliver the highest quality product.

Construction Management

For owners or developers that would like more control of the project and be included in the selection of sub-trades, we can offer our services as Project Managers, and will work closely with the owners to manage all aspects of the project including scheduling, sub-trade selection, budget preparation, and quality control.

Residential Construction

Cogent is experienced in residential construction and renovations. We are licensed with the HPO (Home Owner’s Protection Office) and work closely with our insurers to provide 2, 5 and 10 year warranties for new home construction. We are pleased to work directly with owners, municipalities and architects to ensure your new home is constructed on schedule, on budget and to the highest quality. If you are considering building a new home and don’t know where to start, our team can provide support and contacts to help you through the process.

Design Build

Looking to fast track a project and overlap design and construction, Cogent can be contracted to take care of both design and construction. Cogent will work closely with the client and architect to ensure that the project exceeds all of the needs of the client.

Teamwork is the cornerstone of any successful project. When working with Cogent, you are not only hiring a contractor, but adding a teammate to your business, who is striving to complete your project within the constraints of time, budget and scope. We work with our clients to ensure that the project meets all of their needs, and it is our focus to exceed their expectations.Quality
Quality is our reputation. We do not compromise quality; the work we do speaks for us and is our signature on every project we complete.Experience
Although we are a new company, we are not new to the business. Cogent has a proven management team with over 50 years combined experience.Detail
Focus on detail is crucial to any project. Cogent ensures that even the slightest detail is followed, to ensure that the best product is delivered to our clients.